Food and Beauty…Together? (The Truth Behind Crumbs and Contour)

When I first started sharing my website with others, I was often confronted with the same wrinkled nose and well-meaning question:

Wait. Food and makeup…together?” 

I would pause and struggle for a minute to find a response that could accurately describe how I thought the two were related. I mean, what could a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit possibly have in common with a delicious bowl of Spaghetti Carbonara? Usually, the answer would be “nothing.” But the way I see it, the two are not total strangers.

To me, food and beauty share the same purpose: they provide opportunities for self-care that guide us in our pursuit of self-love.

Self-care means doing an act of kindness for your mind, spirit, or body, while self-love means to reach a love, appreciation, and gratefulness the very thing you’re caring for: you. By eating good food and trying something new with your appearance, you are instantly putting yourself in a position to feel your best and be your best.

You might already practice self-care by doing yoga, or reading for 30 minutes each night. Maybe you like to go for a 20 minute car ride singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, or you might rely on a refreshing nap each day. In whichever way it’s done, self-care is a crucial ingredient to a happy and fulfilling life — take care of you, and the rest will follow.

For a long time, I allowed food and make up to become weapons against me, instead of nourishment for my body and soul.

With food, I went through two main phases: rebelling against any foods that were deemed “healthy” as a teenager, and then avoiding all foods that weren’t as a young adult. Both of these fostered an unhealthy relationship I had with my body; either over-saturating myself with highly processed and indulgent foods, or essentially starving myself until I could rest assured that the only food going in my mouth was  a “healthy” one. But now as I enter the second half of my twenties, I’ve begun to realize that what my body really needs (and deserves) is a fair balance of both. And that’s what I have decided to give it.

When it comes to makeup, saying I hid behind it would be an understatement. My interest in makeup first began in middle school when I wanted to cover up my inherited dark under-eye circles. But of course, once I concealed my circles, I needed to wear mascara…which then lead to lipgloss, and eventually eyeliner to balance it all out. Before I knew it, I was diving head-first into the world of foundation, eyeshadows, and winged liner — and while it gave me a creative platform, I couldn’t fully tap into its greatness because I was too busy concealing my insecurities (or attempting to, rather) and convincing myself that it’s better to not be seen at all than to be seen without makeup on. It wasn’t until I let go of that negative self-perception that I truly started to accept makeup as a craft, and a way to reflect the beauty I’ve been striving for on the inside.

Now, I use food and makeup as means to love myself. And with this blog, I want you to be inspired to do the same.

You should know first that I am not a professionally-trained chef or makeup artist. The beauty tips and original recipes provided to you in this blog are a result of over a decade of practice, trial and error, and inspiration from masters of each craft. Each post is a reminder to do something to care for yourself that week. Each meal is created using health-conscious ingredients as a way to enjoy your favorite indulgences, and each beauty tip aims to make your favorite makeup trends easy, affordable and attainable. Together, they encourage total nourishment from the inside out. So, with all that being said:

Welcome to Crumbs & Contour: where foodie meets beauty.

One of my many visions for Crumbs and Contour is to create a fun and welcoming community of people who want to eat well, look great, and feel amazing — but that can only happen with your help. If you have specific recipe requests or foodie interests (like meal prepping, grocery suggestions, etc), let me know by leaving a comment on any of my posts. If you want advice on which beauty products you should buy, or if you need just a little more help mastering that one makeup trick, you can leave that in a comment, too. And of course, if you try one of my recipes or test out any makeup tips…do I even need to say it? Let me know in a comment below! I’m so excited to hear from you.

So bust out your apron, turn on your vanity lights, and get ready to Beyon-SLAY the day, bite by delicious bite. 😉

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